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  • Zombie Land                   (Child Zombie)        Film


  • Solar Warden                   (Gail)                             Video Game
  • League of Legends          (Zela)                            Video Game
  • Project D                          (Power Nymph)            Video Game


  • Carl's Junior        (Biscuit O'Hara)                 National Commercial
  • Rollo                    (Sexy Lady)                        National Commercial
  • Roots                  (Concerned Wife)              Regional Commercial
  • Providence         (Patient)                             Local Commercial          


  • Disney Instructional           (Narrator)      Industrial
  • Noble Flaring & Gas           (Narrator)      Industrial        


  • Still Life                                               (Lead) Red Lady          Loyola Marymount U / Wang Zhan, Dir.  
  • Before The Midnight Moon              (Lead) Janette             USC Film School / Angelique Hemery, Dir.
  • Seance                                                (Lead) Amber              USC Film School / Matt Holtum, Dir
  • Teenage Paparazzo                           (Featured)                   Independent Feature / HBO Films
  • Prom Night                                         (Lead) Ashley              UCLA Film School / Abby Potts, Dir.
  • Prim Prom                                          (Lead) Amanda            Loyola Marymount U / DJ Carter, Dir.
  • Another Movie Musical                     (Supporting) Velma      Independent Feature / Rance Collins, Dir.
  • A Movie Musical                                 (Lead) Velma                Independent Feature / Rance Collins, Dir.
  • Room for Rent                                    (Lead) Rita                   Independent Feature / Rance Collins, Dir.


  • The Sing Off, Sony Television
  • National Geographic: Brain Power
  • Live @ 9! (Host) Adam Wheat, Dir.
  • Ghosts (Performer) Christopher Dallman, Art.


  • Absolutely Halloween         Stuffy Steffy            Evelyn Rudie, Dir.                   Santa Monica Playhouse
  • Actually Hansel & Gretel     Hansel                     Chris DiCarlo, Dir.                   Santa Monica Playhouse
  • Once Upon A Mattress        Winnifred                Dr. Scott Holsclaw, Dir.         Ouachita University
  • Jekyll & Hyde                        Lucy Harris              Elizabeth Crocker, Dir.         Jersey Village Players
  • The King & I                           Anna                          Elizabeth Crocker, Dir.         Jersey Village Players
  • Pirates of Penzance            Ruth                           Dr. Jon Secrest, Dir.              Ouachita Opera
  • The Hippolytus                  Phaedra                      Elizabeth Crocker, Dir.         Jersey Village Players
  • The Crucible                      Elizabeth Proctor      Elizabeth Crocker, Dir.          Jersey Village Players
  • Children of Eden               Aphra                      Dr. Scott Holsclaw, Dir.          Ouachita University
  • Psychosis 4:48                 Character A: Sarah Kane    Shelby Hibbs, Dir.       Ouachita Players
  • The Odyssey                    Penelope               Dan Kutzko, Dir.                 Jersey Village Players
  • God's Favorite                   Sarah                 Fayetta Thannisch, Dir.           ACE Theatre
  • Attic Treasures                  Rachel                Mindy Sutherland, Dir.            ACE Theatre
  • All Because of Agatha        Ethel                  Melody May, Dir.          Playhouse 1960
  • Murder in the Wings           Bertha            Larry Ransberger, Dir.          Playhouse 1960
  • The Tempest                   Stephano             Joe Graves, Dir.               University of Beijing
  • To Kill a Mockingbird       Mayella Ewelle           Melody May, Dir.          Playhouse 1960
  • Les Miserables: Dinner Theatre (Eponine) Michael Lysinger, Dir.
  • Hairspray: Dinner Theatre (Tracey Turnblad) Michael Lysinger, Dir.
  • Guys & Dolls: Dinner Theatre (Adelaide) Nina Taylor, Dir.
  • Grease: Dinner Theatre (Sandy) Gershom Garcia, Dir.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Music in Musical Theater & Opera from Ouachita University



  • Acting for Commercial & Television: Chris Game Casting
  • Acting for Film: Connie Cooper MFA, Los Angeles, California
  • Acting for Musical Theater, Modern, Improv.: Dr. Scott Holsclaw
  • Acting for Musical Theater, Classical, Improv.: John Thomas Smith MFA


  • Private Belt Training: Jennifer Winkler
  • Private Vocal Training: Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Classical, Opera: Dr. Jon Secrest (4 years)
  • Private Vocal Training: Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Classical: Becky Moore (4 years)
  • 12 years of Choral Singing


  • Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom, Modern: Jennifer Maddox MFA


  • Performing Arts Institute: University of Miami
  • The Impossible Dream Musical Theatre Workshop: Chuck Wagner


  • Singing: Mezzo-Soprano & Alto / Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical, Opera & Choral
  • Dance: Ballet, Ballroom, Bollywood, Freestyle, Jazz, Modern, Swing, Tap, Waltz
  • Instruments: Intermediate Piano, Beginners Guitar
  • Dialects: British, Cockney, Irish, Northern, Scottish, Southern, Texan
  • Sports: Aerobics, Badminton, Bicycle, Billiards, Frisbee, Hiking, Jogging, Rollerblade, Running, Soccer, Swimming, Yoga
  • Combat: Hand, Sword, Weapon Training
  • Special: Can Belch on Cue, Knitting, Sewing